Literacy Narratives

1 Sep

For your very first major assignment of ENG1000C, you will be crafting a literacy narrative. We’ve already read two (“The Library Card” and “On Being 17”) that you can feel free to use as models.

What is a literacy narrative?

Black Columbus gives a pretty good definition:

  • A literacy narrative is a first-hand narrative about reading or composing (or teaching reading and composing) in any form or context.
  • Literacy narratives can be short or long, two minutes or twenty-five.*
  • Literacy narratives can be about your experiences as a small child, a teenager, an adult, a senior.
  • Literacy narratives can be about reading stories books, cereal boxes, music, or video game cheats—anything at all that you read or any story about teaching reading.
  • Literacy narratives can be about composing letters, Facebook pages, song lyrics,’ zines, blogs, maps, essays in school—anything at all that you compose, or any story about teaching writing.
  • Literacy narratives can be sad or happy, poignant or funny, informative or incidental. Literacy narrative often focus on powerful memories about events, people, situations, places—times when you tried and succeeded or tried and failed; someone who gave you a chance or took one away; situations when someone taught you how to do something or when you taught someone else; churches and schools, contests and performances, plays and public presentations.

*I’m asking that your last pre-portfolio draft is at least 3 pages, but you are welcome to exceed that.

When you are finished, you might consider publishing your literacy narrative here: Digital Archives of Literacy Narratives.


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