Workshop # 1

7 Sep

For homework, you all wrote first drafts of your literacy narratives. Today, we will begin the workshop process, working on making our pieces the best they can possibly be.

Because these are stories, I think that everyone should get a chance to storytell. For today’s workshop, that’s what will be happening. Here’s how it will work.

In groups of three or four:

1. Round robin style, each person in the group should take a turn reading her/his narrative aloud. As the person is reading, the other group members should be jotting down notes (copy and paste them into your freewrite journal on Bb). These notes might consider the following:

  • What caught your attention?
  • Was there a great moment of description or storytelling?
  • What did you want to hear more about?
  • What didn’t make sense?
2. After the reader has completed reading his/her piece, the group should give some feedback based on these notes. Try to give your groupmate a strength that they can build on and a weakness that they can work on. While this is happening, the reader should be taking notes.

3. Once everyone has given their feedback, the reader can feel free to ask questions of the group.

4. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.

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