Workshop # 2 (A workshop in two parts)

14 Sep

Part One

Step one: Read through your paper, and pick your best paragraph. Write down the first line (just as a place marker). Jot down what makes it your best paragraph.

Step two: Swap papers with a partner (one that you have not worked with yet). Read through the paper taking notes on what you like about the paper. List the traits that make whatever you like “good writing.”

Step three: When you’re done, we will come together as a class and put together a rubric.

Part Two

Step one: Read back through your partner’s paper. Pick their worst paragraph. Try to use the trait list to give them feedback as to how they can strengthen.

Step two: Pick your new worst paragraph (not the one your partner picked). Use the traits to revise.

*put your notes in your freewrite journal


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