Workshop # 3

15 Sep

You will be given a hand out with one not-so-great sentence from each person’s mid-process draft. Your job is to go through them and try to make them better. This may include adding commas, fixing typos, and/or breaking up run-ons, as well as totally rewriting the sentence. Note: you do not have to identify your own sentence to the class!

The idea is to aim for sentence clarity. Whether it’s grammatically correct or not, if a sentence is hard to read, it’s not doing its job; it’s not communicating with an audience.

Once we’ve done this and gone through the changes as a class, it’s time to check over your own papers (with a partner if you want) and begin to line edit your draft. Are you making some of the common mistakes we discussed as a class? Are you committing any of Orwell’s no-nos? Now is a good time to start addressing those issues.


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