Somewhere I Belong Workshop # 1: The Tell-Me-About-Your-Work Blog Post

28 Sep

For any professional, whether he/she may be a writer or not, it is important to be able to tell others about her/his work. That is what this workshop requires you to do.

In a short blog post, tell your audience what you are working on. You should try to answer as many of these questions as possible in your post, though not necessarily in this order:

  • What are you writing about?/What is your research question?
  • What are you hoping to learn?
  • How have you been trying to write/learn/think about this topic?/What types of research have you had to perform?
  • What do you still need to learn more about?

After you’ve told your audience about your project, I would like you to tap into that resource– the audience, that is. Ask your audience a question (or questions). Are you worried about style? Do  you want help finding resources? Are you looking for a good question to include in your interview? Reach out. You just might get a response that could give you the boost you need.

Finally, if you want outside help, one good way to find that is to tweet it out. Don’t be afraid to share your blogs on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. It doesn’t have to stay confined to this classroom. If you don’t have that many followers, and you want to share with an outside audience, you can always include a link, mention @compositionblog in your tweet, and I can send it forward into the Twitterverse (I have about 470 followers).


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