Workshop # 2: Sideshadowing

29 Sep

Yesterday, you told the world about your work. Today, you will be sharing that work with one another to help improve your draft.


In the margins of your project, using the comment function (or on a separate document/piece of paper, if necessary), begin to select sections of your project that you want feedback on. Ask questions. Point out things that you are not sure about. Then, find a partner to read your paper and sideshadow comments.


As a partner, you should carefully read your classmate’s paper, responding to their sideshadow questions. Think about the Nancy Sommer’s pieces. What makes good feedback? As you answer the writer’s questions, you may also want to pose some of your own.

Looking at the criteria for good writing that we developed earlier in the semester, begin to list attributes that makes this paper “good” writing.

Chose one or two major improvements that could help take this project to the next level (forget grammar for now).


Open ended questions are the most valuable questions you can ask. Yes/no questions don’t provide my room for thought or analysis, the two major components of college writing and scholarship.


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