Workshop # 3: Speed Dating

11 Oct

Today, we will be doing the academic version of speed dating. This is how it will work.

The class will be split in half.

The first six students will sit, while the other half switches “dates” every FIVE minutes.

In the five short minutes, you should work with your partner to do some of the following:

  • figure out what you need help with and point it out to your partner
  • figure out what they’re really good at/can help you with and make them do it (for example, maybe you aren’t so great with commas, but your partner is super at using them, or maybe you can’t figure out what you’re trying to prove, but your partner is great at making claims from research questions.)
  • have them identify problems/leave comments
After the first six have gone through their rotations, you will switch positions. Those who had their essays looked at already will become the reviewers.
We have one hour to get through everyone’s papers. 12×5 = 60 minutes. Don’t dilly-dally. Use your brief time well.

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