Writing Center Reactions

11 Oct

A few weeks ago, I announced that everyone would have to make a pre-midterm trip to the Writing Center and write a response. Since almost none of you have done that yet, and they are due Saturday 10/15, I figured that I would outline what to do in the responses, in case a lack of direction is what is preventing these from being completed.

Step one: Bring a draft of something from this class (doesn’t necessarily have to be the Somewhere I Belong project, though that would probably be most helpful at this point of the time) to the Writing Center. Have your tutor send me a report.

Step two: Write 250+ word reaction.

Step three: Post to Freewrite Journal with the heading WC Visit and the date of your visit.

In your responses, I’m looking for you to tell me:

  • what you went with (assignment directions? writing? questions for the tutor? nothing?)
  • what worked for you
  • what didn’t work for you
  • what you feel you accomplished (or maybe you accomplished nothing)
  • if you would visit the WC again
  • if you would do anything differently the next time you go

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