The It’s-Who-You-Know Workshop

20 Oct

At the beginning of the semester, I had every one make a Twitter account. In the beginning, you were simply using them to ask discussion questions and make commentary on your readings, but Twitter has a bigger purpose than just telling the world what you’re doing. Twitter is a great way to build a constant feed of information on the subject you are interested in. For class purposes, this translates into easy-to-find research.

What I would like everyone to do is come up with some key words to define your projects (bullying, taxes, ecofriendly, etc.). Then you should use those key words to search through Twitter’s follows. Your goal is to find FIVE tweeters to follow, who tweet about your subject area. Don’t just pick the first five people who come up, or you may be disappointed with the results. Take your time and read through some of their tweets, look at how often they participate. Are they sharing links to resources? Are they an expert in the field or just another interested party?

After you find those five people, I would like you to pick your top three. Mention them in a tweet using @theirname and include our #np555 hashtag. In this tweet, you should pose a question for the tweeter that you feel she or he would be able to answer. Hopefully, you will receive a response that will help you with your project.




Some after-thoughts:

  • Use hashtags to help you find people and information.
  • Search the followers and the following sections of organizations and other tweeters that interest you. For example, you will most likely find animal rights activists following PETA.
  • Have a good mix of big organizations and individuals for the best results. Individuals are most likely to interact with you, but big organizations produce research and other networking capabilities.
  • Tweet with your classmates if you can help them/are interested in their topic/have something to share.

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