Updated Writing as Activism Unit Calendar

2 Nov

The Calendar of Due Dates

Thursday, October 20 — Proposals

Wednesday, October 26 — Research Journals # 1 & 2

Thursday, October 27 — Music Read & Tweet

Wednesday, November 2 — 1st Draft posted to Blackboard Discussion Board

Thursday, November 3 — “A Modest Proposal” Read & Tweet

Wednesday, November 9 — Resarch Journal # 3; Reading TBA

Thursday, November 10 — 2nd Draft

Wednesday, November 16 — Create, record, & upload a 1 minute PSA (public service announcement) about your issue (Think “this is your brain on drugs” ad) It may be a video recording or an audio-only recording. It should be posted on your blog.

Thursday, November 17 — Reading TBA

NO CLASS Wednesday, November 23 and Thursday, November 24– HAPPY THANKSGIVING :)

Wednesday, November 30 — Final Drafts & Presentations


Thursday, December 1 — Portfolio workshop & End of the semester activities

Wednesday, December 7 — Final Class Meeting — Portfolio workshop & End of the year party (bring food, music, etc.)


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