Workshop: RAFTOR & The Highlights

2 Nov

On Thursday, you create a soundtrack to your project. Go through your soundtrack and make a list of the themes/concepts/ideas about your issue that you were trying to highlight through your song choices and album organization.

RAFTOR is an acronym for the basic components of the rhetorical situation. Thinking about these concepts often helps to make for a stronger text.








Give your paper to a partner to read. Partners should:

1. Identify what they believed the highlights were.

2. Try to identify the RAFTOR components.

3. Give ideas for expansion. What do you want to know more about in your partners paper?

4. Pick one other tip for improvement.


Switch papers back. See whether you came up with the same highlights and RAFTOR components. If you did, then great, you’re on the right track! If you didn’t, was there miscommunication that needs to be addessed in later drafts, or was it simply that they saw more in your paper than you did?



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