Workshop # 4 — Working with Research

9 Nov

At this point, you should have completed 3 research journals, which means you should have a nice pool of resources from which you may draw information. I want you to pick the most interesting or useful one to work with for this workshop.

From the piece you have chosen, I want you to chose the best line or idea (quote or paraphrase) and write it down.

Now, we’ll follow the basic steps for using outside information in a paper:

Introduce: Where did your quote/paraphrased idea come from? Who said it? A doctor? A lawyer? A love expert? A magazine editor? Your bff? And in what context? What is the conversation surrounding this idea?

Quote/Paraphrase: I think this is self-explanatory. Don’t forget to use proper MLA citations! Even if it’s a letter, you can always edit them out of your real copy, but for class purposes, I will need to know that you know how to do them.

Interpret: What does this quote/paraphrased idea mean to you?

Analyze and Connect the Dots: What does this quote mean to your argument or inquiry? What does it add to your discussion? Why is it important? Why does it matter?


Now for the next part, you will find one additional source for a research journal. This source must be found in the library databases.


When you’re finished, you should begin to incorporate these sources into your next draft (which is due tomorrow).


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