Workshop # 6 — Sideshadowing

16 Nov

Earlier in the semester, we gave sideshadowing a try. It’s a great way to get significant feedback, and so, we will be doing it again.

Round # 1

Carefully review your draft, leaving questions for an outside reader. You should consider the clarity of your argument, the weight of your examples, the effectiveness of your research, and the formal and conventional aspects (grammar, sentence clarity, MLA formatting, etc.). Post this draft to the Writing as Activism Sideshadowing Discussion Board.

Assigned partners should open each other’s documents, read, and comment on each other’s papers. As you read your partner’s paper, take the time to thoughtfully answer their questions, but also, pose your own. If you aren’t sure that something is working, ask your partner about it. We don’t know what we don’t know. Sometimes, we need another perspective to help see things that we didn’t see before.

When you are done, you should save the document and post your commented draft as a reply to your partner’s.


Round # 2

Review your partner’s comments and questions. Respond to them in the comment box. Ask more questions. Post new saved document as a reply.


Round # 3

Select another partner. You should read each other’s newly sideshadowed drafts. Respond to the questions posed initially, ask your own questions, comment (agree/disagree/ask questions) on the first reader’s observations. Save the document. Post as another reply to the original.


Round # 4

Review the newly commented draft.

In your freewrite journals, write a game plan. Some thing you should consider are:

  • What’s working well so far?
  • What do you need to work on?
  • What are the steps you will take to address these issues?
  • If your project isn’t paper-based (letter, editorial, etc.), then how will you translate it from the essay form that you have now to the final project?

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