30 Nov

We’ve had nearly a whole semester now of talking about the craft of writing, what makes something “good” writing, and the styles of different writers. Today, I ask you to consider what these terms mean to you. In a blog post of at least 250 words, write a mini-essay that addresses the following.

What is writing?

Why do we write?

What makes someone a writer?

I want you to go back to the texts that we have used to provide examples or evidence for your claims. You may also pull from outside sources. Of course, that doesn’t mean to base your blog entry on those pieces. I want to know your thoughts. The texts are simply sources to help you explain them.

You may want to freewrite about each of these topics first before you organize and polish your thoughts for an audience.

You should post these entries to your blogs.

You should take the time to respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts by tomorrow.


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