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Our Last Day Playlist

7 Dec

Just in case you wanted to download all of the fabulous tunes that sparked your creative juices today:

Gavin Degraw — I Don’t Want to Be

Vanilla Ice — Ice Ice Baby

Blink182 — Going Away to College

The Rolling Stones — Paint in Black

Taylor Swift — Ours

LMFAO — Party Rock Anthem

Dance Gavin Dance — Strawberry Swisher Pt. 2

Team America Theme Song

Adele — Rolling in the Deep

Kid Cudi — Pursuit of Happiness

Erykah Badu — Didn’t Cha Know

Linkin Park — Numb

Culture Beat — Mr. Vain


Some resources to help you with the revision process

1 Dec

1. Revision in General:

2. Signal Phrases- easy ways to introduce outside resources:

Various phrases —…/MLAsigphrases__ACR.doc

A list of signal words —

3. Editing:

10 tips for Editing–

Proofreading tips from Purdue —

Reflection Questions

1 Dec

There are three questions that you must address:

Why did you choose the pieces that you chose?

How did these pieces evolve? Give specific examples. Explain why you felt these changes were necessary.

What are your writing strengths and weaknesses now?

Here are some other questions that you might consider when writing your portfolio. You should pick a minimum of 2, but the more you consider, the stronger your reflection will be:

Who do you think you are as a writer at this moment in time? Has that changed since you began college? How so?

Who do you want to be as a writer in the future?

How do you want to use writing in the future?

Has your definition of what makes a person a writer changed at all?

Have your thoughts about why we write evolved?

How do you define “good” writing?

Did any specific assignment, workshop, or feedback help you to improve more so than others?

How do you feel about the feedback that you gave your classmates throughout the semester? Did you learn anything from giving feedback?

You may, of course, choose to talk about things that are not on either of these lists.

Also, don’t feel that you need to address these things in any particular order. Write them in whatever structure is most effective and flows best.